Retrospek August/September

I know, I know, I am effing late on this one. Bear with me, it’s not gonna be long. Und ich mag es einfach auf Englisch zu schreiben, I can’t help it.


Holy Motors [ xx/10 ]
It was good, it was interesting, but I could not figure out how I can capture it all into one number. All I can say: Hell of a film, great musical sequence in the middle of it!

The Grandmaster [ 7/10 ]

Strar Trek Into Darkness [ 5/10 ]
I was, to be really honest, disappointed..

Elysium [ 4/10 ]
Don’t judge, I do it myself. I saw it with wrong expectations and could not embrace it all. My fault, I guess.

Pain and Gain [ 7,5/10 ]
Yes, it is that good. Michael Bay proves he can do a little more than damaging citys with giant robots. „I believe in fitness.“

Kid Thing [ 4/10 ]

Therese [ 5/10 ]

House of the devil [ 6/10 ]

The Great Gatsby [ 7,5/10 ]
A great film with a lovely atmosphere and a story I could sink in. Bummer it got a lot of hate from audiences from what I heard. Luhrman created something memorable here, old sport.

Prince Avalanche [ 6/10 ]

The East [ 6,5/10 ]

The Bling Ring [ 1/10 ]
What a complete waste of time.

What Maisie Knew [ 7/10 ]
Sad to see Julianne Moore in such a negative role, but the film was really good nonetheless.

Sunshine [ 7/10 ]

Inception (4. viewing?) [ 9/10 ]

Hoop Dreams [ 7/10 ]
I googled both players some time ago and [SPOILER!] sadly they both did not make it into the NBA 😦

Chernobyl Diaries [ 3/10 ]

The Town Extended Cut  (2. viewing) [ 8/10 ]
You got to see the extended cut, it’s way more satisfying than the cinematical cut.

The Vow [ 6/10 ] [ 6/10 ]

The Croods [ 8/10 ]

Pacific Rim [ 6/10 ]
I expected more from big monsters vs big robots!

Gravity (2x) [ 7,5/10 ]
Top notch space action 🙂


Visited Hamburg

Wrote my Seminararbeit


The Great Gatsby

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