Retrospek Oktober

A little bit too late for the retrospek of the month, but it did not get away. I grab it tight, so tight that I want to strangle it for some minutes before I let it go for another 30 days or so. Yes, I am a sick human being. But then again, who cares about a retrospek?

Alright, enough of imaginary Pokémon called „retrospek“. Here is some of the things I did this month.


Prisoners [ 7/10 ]
I really would have liked to give it more, but I can’t. It has the potential to be a very intriguing piece of film, but lacks the suspense and the grasp of grabbing the viewer (or me) to that scope of sitting on the edge of the seat. It is very good, but one eye-blink of Gyllenhaal too much.

The Conjuring [ 6,5/10 ]
I like James Wan and his movies, it does not try to reimagine the horror genre, they rather take a lot of the typical aspects and execute it a smuch better than other horror flicks. The Conjuring is kind of like that in the first half of the movie. Then it gets into old territory with supernatural flying through the air and such boohoo. It’s enjoyable nonetheless.

World War Z [ 8/10 ]
Yes, finally a Zombie movie, which can project the feeling that the main character CAN get cought. The Zombies are fast and furious, batshit crazy, you could say. And it starts right from the get-go. No unnecassery introduction, just two hours of very entertaining cinema. The time will fly by when you get to see so much (at times implausible) action.

Rush [ 8,5/10 ]
I never would have guessed that I would rank Rush immediatly in my top 10 of the year. It is so well made and constructed! The relationship between Lauda and Hunt is portraited so well by Brühl and Hemsworth and not to forget: The roaring sounds of the formula 1 car, these almighty sounds, put together into one of the most exciting scenes I saw this year.

Man of Steel [ 6/10 ]
A little bit too long, but ok for that it wants to be: A summer blockbuster.

About Time [ 7/10 ]
I really wanted to love this film more, but I couldn’t. It’s a bit similar with Prisoners. It did not grab me as much as I wanted. It features some of McAdams cutest scenes up to date, but that can’t make up for the little messy plot, which seems too undecisive which relationship is to be felt with.

Wizard of Oz [ 5/10 ]

Maniac [ 2,5/10 ]
It was something. My girlfriend will at least give me a very questionable look when she sees that I did not give that movie 0/10. It did not gave me much, but Maniac is a sick movie with some very gruesome POV scenes. It is not entertaining in that comedy-sense, but regarding it’s value to horror it accomplishes at least a little bit of crazy background content for the main character and shocks with the said scenes.

Jagden [ 8/10 ]
Jagden is a fantastic view of how things can go wrong and peoples nature to think how they have to think regarding the information they get. It is intense in its sociological sphere and succeeds in giving a rather neutral look on both sides of views. It will be rightly nominated for the foreign oscar and I would not be surprised if it will win.

Kick-Ass 2 [ 6/10 ]
Brutal, over the top, at times funny and all in all inferior of it’s first part. But I will watch the hinted third part, thats for sure.

We’re the Millers [ 5/10 ]


The Fault In Our Stars – John Green
Really great little story! It was funny and often sad, hence it’s serious topics. I cannot wait for the movie!

7 Gedanken zu „Retrospek Oktober

  1. „The Conjuring“ fand ich super. Da habe ich mal seit langem wieder so richtig schön gegruselt im Kino.

    „WWZ“ dagegen fand ich echt schrecklich, was aber höchstwahrscheinlich daran liegen könnte, dass ich das Buch einfach zu sehr mag und der Film einfach nur den Titel und mehr nicht übernommen hat.

    Und bei „Maniac“ machst du mir ja jetzt ein bisschen Angst 😉 Der Film liegt schon seit Monaten in meinem Regal… und wird da wahrscheinlich auch noch ein bisschen länger bleiben 😀

  2. WHAT?!
    David und ich fanden „The Millers“ total super 😀
    Das ging zwar oft unter die Gürtellinie, aber es war eine solide Comedy, wie ich finde !
    Alle anderen Filme, die du genannt hast, hab ich noch nicht gesehen 😉

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