„Just be cool, lady, daamn“ – How I Met Your Mother Finale

There it is, the final episodes of this highly gotten overrated, yet ever so ongoing series called How I Met Your Mother. Just one season less than Friends, which whom it was compared to a lot of times. The comparison can’t be based on satisfying points, I guess, but it is clear that HIMYM could not have been if Friends would not have existed. The only question is: Is it just as sad to see those characters end their TV presence? The definite answer: No.

I won’t go into Friends and how much better I think it is (it is!), but rather focus on how HIMYM was a show that despite it’s flaws kept me watching. Truth to be told, there are always moments in some series which initiate a kind of „what the hell“-feeling. I just don’t care as much for the characters, because they behave just for the purpose of comedy (or drama (I’m looking at you The Walking Dead)) and don’t want the characters to grow. Yeah, at some point the characters in Friends weren’t evolving as well, but there is the factor of sympathatic characters, lovability and how these rough passages are written and overcome. HIMYM has numbers of meh seasons and the only reasons I still watched were Lily and Marshall and at some point even Barney (yes, the moments where real love is involved).  It just exceeded it’s expiration date.

It just comes down to the handling of the premise. It started as a story of how Ted met his wife. But soon you guessed that it was just stories about other girls and a lot of Robin and at the end some small portion of time with the real mother. False advertisment. Or is it? There was a Pajiba article which depicted some of the shows core, in which is apparent that the stories are the things that matter. This is the reason why I think the finale works somehow. The mother is dead and the most stories are about Robin. It suggests, just as the kids are saying, that through the stories you show what really matter. And for Ted it’s Robin. In any case for the „moment“ he tells these stories.

The problem I have is that the mother is pushed into death just in the last episodes; that Robin and Barneys carefully created relationship, which kept me watching, is easily crushed in the last episodes, just to see Robin and Ted end up together. However you see it, it is just too constructed. Marshall wins his bet with Lily after all and it seems that it’s apparent that Robin is always the one for Ted. But it’s tinted with such a bad undertone to establish such relationships and end it all just to keep the result the show wanted to have.

I don’t know, maybe I am just too harsh. And at the end I am not really sad to see these characters go. The final episodes were ok, but could not create a satisfying ending to a once funny show. The funniest bit was when Ted told the older woman on the bench „Just be cool, lady, daamn“. I used to hate Ted, with time I got to like him and at the end I almost cared for him. That’s something, right?

3 Gedanken zu „„Just be cool, lady, daamn“ – How I Met Your Mother Finale

  1. My thoughts exactly!!!

    Ich fand’s schade, dass sie es so sehr plump gelöst haben, zumal ja eh schon alles in die eine Richtung gedeutet hat. So richtig weiß ich nicht, was ich von dem Finale halten soll… zumal HIMYM sowieso in den letzten Staffeln lange nicht mehr so gut war, wie noch zu Beginn!

  2. Sehr super, jetzt muss ich mir die letzte Folge nicht mehr ansehen 🙂
    Danke für die schöne Review und vor allem für den letzten Absatz!

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