New Theme, New Start

Hello, hello. There is a lot to do. I wanted to refresh my blog. This should not only be done with changing the theme, rather having a blog option as well, where I want to publish my progress in photography. I really want to do this and I hope you like it. Besides that I am now transferring every post into a portfolio post, so you can easily find every photo I published, but with a new style and hopefully more convenient than before.

I must say, I do this a lot (changing themes), but I will stick to this one for now. I still have my other blog, where I wrote about my non-photography stuff, but I don’t know if I can keep up with both blogs. Additionally I really did not write that much in the last months about films and series. Therefore I should get rid of the other or…just keep it up and post only occasionally. I don’t know yet.

Until then this blog is my focus! See you soon with more photos and experiences from Thailand and other stuff 🙂


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