Sneakfilm and upcoming film reviews

If you know my blog you know that I wrote a lot about films and series before concentrating on photography. Today, however, my former collegue of (a site for which I wrote a bit in the past) wrote me again if I don’t want to write again and I just thought: Why the heck not? You get to go to the cinemas in the midday and can write about it. I really liked it in the past and it only can be good for me to have something to write about again other than photography and my progress. Heck, it just would be good to just write more and more. I always notice that I hesitate on some posts and can’t write as fluently as in the past. That has to change…The only problem would be that it has to be in German again, so I will probably post my reviews on here as well. I get mostly german readers as of yet, so it should be no problem.

If you want you can visit sneakfilm clicking here. It is still a small site, but worth checking out! I am really excited to write again!

Ein Gedanke zu „Sneakfilm and upcoming film reviews

  1. Thank you so much for coming back. Yes, Sneakfilm is still a small site, but mostly because it is a one man project all the time, that is done in my sparetime. With you back on board again it is a two man project again and with your time doing some press screenings Sneakfilm is getting some really great reviews on upcoming films. So, thanks again for coming back an maybe some of your readers are coming over to read your well written german reviews.

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