Berlin 2014

I was yet again in Berlin, but unfortunately I did not take as much photos as I would have liked. The weather was not great (everytime I visit Berlin! I guess I should visit it in summer for once) and I had a kind of busy schedule with all the partys and sleeping and such. So there is not sooo much to show, just some photos I kind of liked.

I got to discover the Gürzenich Park (is this right? I always forget what it’s called), where all the drug traffic is happening. It’s eerie to know that it’s that easy and well known that there you can get stuff to mess with your brain and body. I just took photos, especially of this metal installation where some people threw shoes on. Other than that there wasn’t much to photograph beside the dealers and walkers. But I didn’t want to get in trouble with either one of them, so I bounced.

Comments and critique as always very appreciated!

shoes2GridGürtzenerParkWaymandog   Way

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