Chris ’15 – The Traveler Series

I was glad to finally shoot with a good friend of mine, Chris, a couple of weeks ago, before he flies to asia for a couple of months. He is a cool dude, who knows it. This is a great start for a photoshooting in my opinion. He did what I told him to and we tried out a lot of poses and looks. The other thing beside Chris was his bag with changing clothes. I liked it so much that it turned out like a travel series, where he is the traveler on his way to various places.

I had some things planned which did not turned out as I would like have, i.e. too many people in places I wanted to shoot. This was no problem however, we just went a little farther to other places and found some really interesting corners around the Messe Deutz area. So all in all I was confronted with difficulties, but the challenge has been mastered. I am very pleased to get those results within a couple of hours with just natural light.

Khitos_Chris22s Khitos_Chris23s Khitos_Chris24s Khitos_Chris25s Khitos_Chris26s Khitos_Chris13s Khitos_Chris21s

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