Crane Houses and a Selfie

Diana, Diana, I like you. This camera is easy to handle and fun to shoot with. The problem I have is to estimate what really ends up on the frame, because the corners are a little bit confusing (yes, even with such a wide angle lense :/). But I will get the hang of it eventually.

Here are some photos I took while promenading with Pramudiya along the Rhine. The last one is a selfie I took in my room. I purposfully shook the camera, so don’t worry that I can’t keep still for a second. It’s called art!

Ok, enough with the nonsense. The architectual aspects of the crane houses are kind of uninteresting, despite their unique form. I would have liked a more even view on them and not just from beyond, but this I won’t get so easily.

I think there will be more and more Diana photos. For now I will leave you with these. (and please don’t mind the black edges, I didn’t want to cut too much out the original photo!)

6 12 13 23


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