Düsseldorf Impressions

A couple of weeks ago I visited Düsseldorf with Kristina (her photos can be found here). We first wanted to go into the K21 or other museums, but the weather was just too good to be stuck inside. Therefore we stayed close to the rhine and strolled along the promenade of the Düsseldorf old city and the part where there were a lot of museums. I took some photos of her which will be posted soon and some of the city. I noticed that the city has more to offer than I thought and it was worth the visit. Probably not the last! Khitos_DD4aslI liked this scene very much. This girl just came up to this spot with this beautiful architectual view. It was just the perfect spot to do some workout and I hurried up to capture this. Khitos_DD2s Khitos_DD3s Khitos_Kristinaaa

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