Joachim ’14

A couple of weeks ago I did a photoshoot with Joachim at the main mosque in cologne in Ehrenfeld. At first I was bummed, because I thought the entire building was finished with its‘ construction…alas I had to stop at the front of the building and went around it. Again: The constructions were not finished, so you could see some barriers and this meant the backgrounds would be ugly as fudge. Soo we stayed at the areas where there were not so much construction to see and used angles to blend them out – at least I tried. So we used the stairs and the front of the building facing the main street.

I also did stay partly on the main street for the couple of seconds it was not driven on and tried to get a larger image out of everything. The widest I could go was 28mm on my DX Nikon D200, so it was almost enough, although I really would have liked to get more into the photo. This would also mean that I would have to go further into the street and this was not worth the risk I think 😀

We also had luck with the weather conditions by having a kind of sunny, cloudy status. With this building I wished there was more harsh light, but what can you do, it’s almost winter.

As far as the photos are concerned I am pleased to be honest. It kind of turned into a fashion shoot, but thats the „fault“ of Joachim I guess, because he is – to be objective – easy on the eyes and provided me with some nice poses. I still struggle with positioning the model because I do not really know many poses…I have to study a bit, I guess 😀 Until then I just go with the flow and what looks good in my eyes.

So, here are some of the results. I hope you like it and would appreciate some feedback 🙂Khitos_Joachim1a Khitos_joachim3 Khitos_joachim4 Khitos_Joachim6 Khitos_Joachim7aKhitos_joachim5Khitos_Joachim8


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