Josephine 2014

Where do you go when you don’t have a clue how to shoot portrait photos? Of course, to some near park. I thought that parks are a good place to start with some simple photos. The problem at that day: It was sunday and a lot of people did come out to barbecue and play. The second thing was that Josephine, a friend of mine who graciously agreed to let me take photos with her, is just as unexperienced as me when it comes to people photography. That said, we just tried the learning by doing approach and looked for places where the people did not appear in masses. The park could not hold it’s own for that long hence it’s unappealing background motives. So we wandered off into some other streets and found a great looking door with a stone wall I really liked. There were some other places, but they turned out not as great as I would have liked. Additionally I had some problems focusing with my Tamron lense. I may have to sell it in the future…my 35mm Nikkor lense was fine as always. Let’s see what I can do with that in the future.

I tried some new things with wrapping paper around the lense, but only for one photo. Next time I want to try some couloured transparent paper 🙂

Alright, I want to thank Josephine again for the little shooting! It was fun and I hope the next will be soon!








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