Kölnergram Walk September ’14

I just recently heard of instawalks and that they are also held in NRW, so I looked up when one is held in cologne and just last weekend there was one. It was a spontaneous decision to attend, but I am glad I did! First of all it is a great opportunity to meet new people who are on Instagram, to share experiences and photos and! take new ones of course. Funny enough there were two friends who also attended: @anna_catman and @sar_gir (from now on all Instagram nicks). It was a big group so it was not possible to interact with each and everyone, but when the group got a little smaller and we arrived at the Olympus Photoplayground (yes, my second visit now :D) we could really try to shoot some cool photos. The photos I’ll upload are therefore all taken on the Playground. I hope there will be more walks soon, it was fun!


@sar_gir has quite some experience with modeling, I guess ;D


It really looks like a magical forest of kinds! Unfortunately we had a limited time in the light installation, but I think we made the best out of it. I can’t wait to see other results 🙂 In the photo above are @nicolasthomaskoenig and @anna_catman.

Khitos_Koelnergramolympus11 Khitos_Koelnergramolympus12 Khitos_Koelnergramolympus13a Khitos_Koelnergramolympus14

@nicolasthomaskoenig had to stand still for my addiction to shots of the back of the head in these rather dark photos 😀


Here is a sneaky shot of @chrisvanoliver and @sar_gir through one of the holes in this glass installation. 😀

Khitos_Koelnergramolympus2 Khitos_Koelnergramolympus4

This one is kind of sad. I myself was shocked how much more sad the mirror side looks 😦 But she did the modeling on her own without me telling her how to pose. I am quite impressed!


Here is one example on how my D200 is not the best in dark scenarios 😦 BUT! This one is actually my favourite photo of the tour. I kind of like the behind the scenes look and how both are aligned in their role as short-term model and photographer.


This last one is quite funny 🙂

I hoped you liked the photos!

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