Kristina ’15 #2

I already posted some of the photos I took with and of Kristina early on. Here are some more 🙂

Here we have some places around the museums near the rhine. We found a neat spot where the sun build a great spot for fun contrast/harsh light heavy shots. So we jumped, stepped into it and tried more. Then again, I don’t really know exactly now why, the first photo I post here is one of my favourites. I just like the mood, the stillness of it. Ok, enough of liking my own photos too much 😀

I hope you like them! Feel free to visit her tumblr, too, where she also posts her photos!

Khitos_Kristina21s Khitos_Kristina3s Khitos_Kristina4s Khitos_Kristina7s Khitos_Kristina8s Khitos_Kristina10s Khitos_Kristina12s Khitos_Kristina14s

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