Kristina ’15

A couple of weeks ago I took a little trip to Düsseldorf with Kristina (you can find her tumblr here) to take some photos of the city and each other. I already posted some photos of it here. One of the first places we wanted to go was the OLG, a court, but unfortunately there was a no-photo-policy. It is always such a bummer to see such nice buildings and architecture and to be not allowed to take at least mobile photos (they took our phones, too!). Anyway, if you are in the area of some courts, you should check them out, they are really nice to look at in my opinion.

Then we just went along the rhine to the art area with some museums. We, however, stayed outside because we were blessed with some really nice weather. There we took advantage of the harsh shadows and played a little with it. And as you can see I really like the pillars of some standalone architectual places (I can’t really describe them properly..). It was a great background and motive on its own. You could call this series the #smallpeopleinbigplaces series 😀

I hope you like it!

Khitos_Kristina18s Khitos_Kristina20s Khitos_Kristina19sKhitos_Kristina2s

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