Leiden ’14

Last weekend I was in Leiden, Netherlands, for a debating tournament for novice debaters. I kind of got late into the debating world, so it was not a surprise that almost all of the debaters were younger than me…a lot of them were still in High School! It was still fun though. My team was still not as good as others, but the experience is what you get from visiting these tournaments. Additionaly you get to visit other cities! And I must say, I did not expect Leiden to be this big! It was a big Middelburg (in which I attended my last tournament) with beautiful buildings and over all architecture and the rivers flowing through the city. I wanted to show some photos I took there now. Unfortunately the next day I reserved for exploring the city and taking photos was dominated with bad weather which got worse and worse…anyway, a little rain could not stop me from going out 😀

Khitos_Leiden22 Khitos_Leiden23 Khitos_Leiden1 Khitos_Leiden4 Khitos_Leiden5 Khitos_Leiden6 Khitos_Leiden7 Khitos_Leiden8 Khitos_Leiden9 Khitos_Leiden10 Khitos_Leiden16 Khitos_Leiden17 Khitos_Leiden18 Khitos_Leiden19 Khitos_Leiden20

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