My Instagram ’14

As you know, I am on Instagram. Last year I really tried to step up my game in this app (and photography in general) and here are some results. These are probably my favourite ones from last year. They are all made and edited with my phone. I hesitate to publish photos on Instagram which are made with my dslr, but sometimes I got nothing to post and then I sin. Fortunately it did not happen as much last year. There was a lot going on! There were some instawalks, where a lot of photos got made and some trips to other cities, where I could shoot some other architectural stuff, which I do not get to see just in cologne.

The only thing I still don’t do as often as I should: Just ask people (friends or strangers) to pose, when I see something interesting. Most of the time I think that this will disturb them in some kind of way or I don’t want to take away their time. But I should get rid of that habit. It’s worth the shot, I guess. Additionally I am always astonished how well you can photograph with just a phone. In my opinion these photos on Instagram look really great. Ok, a lot of photographers just post their dslr stuff on it to promote themselves, but fortunately there are also just mobile shooters 🙂

Tell me if you like them, follow me or write you instagram account, so I can check it out as well 🙂

Tetraeder Bottrop
Stairway to Heaven
Reaching Hand
Reaching Hand II
The Look
Natures Silence
The Photographer

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