Olympus Photoplayground Cologne – Structure Part

It has come a time you have been waiting (or dreading!) for for a long time: A post without Riccarda. The reason behind this is the Olympus Photoplayground which has opened its‘ doors in cologne. I visited it in Berlin and wanted to check it out. The big question: Will it fill the shoes of the Playground in Berlin? The answer: Sadly no. In fact, there are less installations and rather dull ones. The best one seems to be a light room which changes its colours which is on the one hand great to look at, but on the other hand you have to wait for some time until you can actually take the shot you want to take.

I was there with a friend, off whom I took several photos which I will post soon. First I wanted to show a kind of structure part, where the one installation will be highlighted in the beginning of the playground. It is a strange one as you can see in the photos and difficult to take an interesting photo of it in my opinion. The other photo was of containers which were above the entrance. I liked the view so I took one photo of that as well.

Ah yes, the Olympus camera is quite nice, but I still kind of struggle with the format of a system camera. The photos are still good and it can shift its display which can be handy (not the main reason to buy it of course, but I don’t have this fancy stuff with my D200 :D). So, in conclusion: A camera to use while on the playground, but otherwise I would not buy it for now.

And here are the photos, comments and critique are always appreciated 🙂








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