Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl

What to do with free time? Right, go out and shoot some stuff. A lot of people told me about Brühl and their palaces, but despite the fact that it’s not even that far from my home, I never was there. This finally changed. The only problem was the freaking cold weather. I just went arount the Augustusburg palace and did not know exactly where the other palace was, so I just stayed there for a bit. I shall return in the summer, when it’s warmer. The upside to the cold weather was the small amount of people. I saw some older couples and some workers, who trimmed the trees into their destined shape. You can see that a lot of money is being put into mentaining the look of the area. It is nice to visit for a stroll, better yet in the summer. I was there maybe an hour and headed back to warmth. In the end I am pleased with the result, although I have trouble with architecture and the look of it in my opinion. But I hope you like it!

Khitos_Brühl3sKhitos_Brühl2s Khitos_Brühl4sKhitos_Brühl5s

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