Thailand – Back Series

People who know me know that I love thos back shots, shots just from the back. For a long time I am fascinated by those shots. It could be because you can’t see the face and it creates something mysterious, that the background stands out or that the back just looks good on its own. Somehow I also think about the poster for the Bourne Ultimatum, which I also liked quite a lot. 😀

In Thailand I asked some people to stand for me in front of a nice background and more often than not they did it to my surprise. The small problem was that almost nobody from these people were really photography lovers, so they could not suggest themselves to take off their backpacks or other things so the photo would look more clean. I also did not want to keep them for so long from their trip (most of them were in groups I did not know of course). Therefore some people had their backpacks on and it always were only two or three shots I took.

I really got used to ask people for photos, because it was really easy to talk to people in Thailand. However I still thought that I would take too much time, so I didn’t want to burden them to stay so long. Next time I should ask for more patience maybe 😀

So, here they are. Feel free to comment 🙂

      Thailand_23s Thailand_25s Thailand_26s Thailand_27s Thailand_28s Thailand_39s Thailand_22s Thailand_4s

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