Finding my own style

If there is one thing to say about me, then there is this thing: I don’t know myself enough to stick to a thing I like. For instance, the language. I like writing in english, but keep changing the language on my blog from german to english and around. I always think to much, what you have to do, what you should do. I rarely think about what I want to do. That is a key problem on my way to finding my style.

Starting off with the language. I started my blog with filmreviews, kept it in german because I wanted to appeal to a lot of viewers in Germany and because it is my native language. I know it, I like it. But even if I am not as good in writing in english, I never been longer than a week in an english speaking country, I just like writing in english. It’s a more free experience. That is why I changed the film reviews even to english ones. With changing to the photography focus on my  blog I thought again about the consequences of having one language to write in. I wrote in german again.

I flipflop. A lot. I just don’t know what to do. I want to have my own style and just don’t do what I want, regardless if others do the same or not. Even if there are a lot of photographers or bloggers aroung who write in english or german, there are always the ones who are successful with it or not. And in the end, it is not the language which succeeds, it’s the person and the product you can produce (am I right?).

Focusing on this aspect of my path to getting more myself I think I have to keep it up and do this for a lot of other areas in my life. For a moment I just have to shut up the rest of the world and just listen to myself for once.

Sneakfilm and upcoming film reviews

If you know my blog you know that I wrote a lot about films and series before concentrating on photography. Today, however, my former collegue of (a site for which I wrote a bit in the past) wrote me again if I don’t want to write again and I just thought: Why the heck not? You get to go to the cinemas in the midday and can write about it. I really liked it in the past and it only can be good for me to have something to write about again other than photography and my progress. Heck, it just would be good to just write more and more. I always notice that I hesitate on some posts and can’t write as fluently as in the past. That has to change…The only problem would be that it has to be in German again, so I will probably post my reviews on here as well. I get mostly german readers as of yet, so it should be no problem.

If you want you can visit sneakfilm clicking here. It is still a small site, but worth checking out! I am really excited to write again!