Experiences in Marocco

Khitos_Marokko-6A couple of weeks ago I was in Marocco, visited Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh. What I noticed in my behaviour is that I was very wary of my camera. You have to be that way, always. I think you can’t feel really safe anywhere you are, whether you are in your country or somewhere else. It can always happen that somebody sees your camera gear and wants to steal it. In an unknown country, however, I get very cautious and get a little paranoid, especially in not too touristy areas of the city, i.e. small streets, where the common people always tell you that this and that street are closed and I had to go the other way (yes, that happened). It is a kind of paranoid time, where you think you definately get mobbed. The same happened in Thailand, where a taxi brought me off the main street and stopped at a remote place for a few minutes. Besides having my gear stolen I thought I get physically hurt. Anyway, that’s another story 😀

In Marocco it’s even more weird having a camera out, because I was there with my girlfriend and that means that a lot of men will be looking at us. This is a common way of living there. Every woman outside of Marocco are seen as exotic. So we where looked at and so my camera, which I often put away, so it would not be so noteworthy to others.

This all can be my own fear of having things stolen or the actual case of real danger. Nothing happend, thank god (or other imaginary creatures). In Marocco I mostly took photos of the street, no asking strangers to pose or something like that. I’ve read a lot about the conservative nature of the people. They do not want to get photographed as easily as european people maybe and especially not in their religious surroundings. I kinda needed to learn that with this research and I did not try to offend them in any way. One small story was in the mosque Hassan II, the second biggest mosque in the world. There are only muslim men allowed in. If you saw my photo on my About Me page you can see that I do not exactly look muslim like the other maroccan people. In fact, I am muslim, on paper anyways. And I really wanted to get into the mosque! First I tried to get in with the dslr, but of course they would not let me. Then I just walked in (after some discussion with one guy if I am muslim or not…) with an iPhone in my pocket. Inside I did not want to take pictures right away, rather wait until everybody prays and then take them. I could not imagine how they would behave if I just went in to take photos after I told them I could pray (which I can’t, not in the proper way anyway). After a few minutes sitting down at the end of the hallway I saw another young guy grabbing his phone and taking photos. I observed him a little, the others as well. The other men were not even praying, they talked or just lay down and cooled off from the hot sun. So I felt a little more comfortable to take photos as well. I still could not walk as freely as I wanted to, so they were just snapshots to hold the visit in my memory.

After some time I thought that I could not possibly stay there for too long, so I went out with a bit of a rushing heartbeat. I did it 😀 This was one of the experiences I had with the more religious side of things in Marocco. It was nothing compared to Thailand, where it is so normal to take photos inside the temples. The reason may well be the amount of tourists and the culture to nourish them. Marocco is not up to this standard and that is good. With this it will stay not too touristy and still a little more dangerous to take photographs, I guess. In any case, if you just be discrete, don’t offend people, then it should be alright – just like any other place in the world.

Thailand – The end of the month

Now I’ve posted almost everything I wanted to post about my month in Thailand. It was a blast, I must say! I really would like to go there again, travel to the nearby countries and discover a lot more. The question is: When? I really don’t know…I never was really outside of my comfort zone as much as in Thailand, being there on my own and trying to get by. Now I know I can handle it. To sum up the photography aspect of the journey: I think there is so much so discover still. I only saw small waterfalls unfortunately and I did not see too much of the non-touristy places. While being in these tourist populated cities, I still could capture a lot of great landscapes and street life. I am glad that I could combine a lot of fun (i.e. parties) and traditional activities (i.e. temples, discovering new corners of cities).

For now this is all about Thailand. Here are the the final photos of my trip back to Germany. I hope you like them as well! Plus, feel free to connect via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 🙂

   Khitos_Thailand-55  Khitos_Thailand-56Khitos_Thailand-57Khitos_Thailand-58Khitos_Thailand-59Khitos_Thailand-60


Thailand, Koh Phi Phi/Koh Lanta

I finally arrived at the beaches, the beautiful sunsets, the parties, the fun. Everything was true what others told me about the islands. It was, indeed, very beautiful throughout. Ok, maybe not every beach was so clean as I wished it to be, but better than any beach I ever was. In truth, I am not the beach person, so I did not partake in much water activities, but I tried to capture the beauty of it. There is one big viewpoint in Koh Phi Phi, where everybody goes to see the sunset. It was very nice, indeed. The bad part was that the sun was behind big palm trees, so you only could see the colours, which were beautiful on their own. There was one other night, however, where I just went to the beach to see the sunset and it was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. This is the one I will remember for a long time.

Another great thing was the fireshows at the beaches. There I took some really great photos in my opinion. I hope you like them as well 🙂

Koh Phi Phi was mostly enjoying some party and some beaches, so I did not take as much different photos. In Koh Lanta there was rarely anything to do and not too much was interesting enough to photograph. I was at a national park there with some monkeys, but there I only almost got bit while I tried to take some photographs of them. The sound of the camera was to distracting for them I think 😀

Plus, it was almost the end of my journey, so I did not focus as much on photography and just relaxed. Nevertheless, there were some cool shots and I hope you like them!

    Khitos_Thailand-42 Khitos_Thailand-43 Khitos_Thailand-44Thailand_47sThailand_48sThailand_46sThailand_45s Thailand_24s

Projekt Hörsturz #26

So, mein zweiter Beitrag für das Projekt Hörsturz von freeQnet, bei dem ich herzlich in die Teilnehmerliste aufgenommen wurde, was mich sehr gefreut hat =) Runde 26:


Guillemots – Kriss Kross (von kasumi)
Nach einiger Zeit werd ich selbst etwas krisskross bei dem Lied, aber insgesamt o-key: 2/5

Jamie Lidell – The Ring (von beetFreeQ)
Ist das der Sänger von Maroon 5? Hört sich irgendwie ein wenig so an. Ich glaub aber nicht. Das Lied ist bisher nicht so fetzig, wie das Gezucke am Strand vermuten lässt. Hm, ist ein wenig weniger o-key als das Lied von gerade: 1,5/5

Aereogramme – Post-tour, pre-judgement (von Dr. Borstel)
Aha. Creepy Ass Motherfucker. : 2/5

Jex Thoth – Nothing left to die (von Fini)
Hm, hab es angehört, hab es vernommen und für gut erachtet: 3/5

Sorry About Your Daughter – Scapegoat (von cimddwc)
Ich glaub ich geh genau so ab wie die Senioren im Video: 1/5

ø-Bewertung der Pflichtsongs: 1,9


Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond (von Tenza)
Erinnert mich an meine Zeit, als ich noch Counter-Strike-Fragmovies geschaut habe. War ne coole Zeit. Es gibt aber glaub ich bessere Lieder von Blind Guardian: 3,5/5

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing (von David)
Habe das Lied durch die Serie Glee kennengelernt und ich mag es seit dem sehr: 4,5/5

Lady Gaga – Fever (von Steve)
Rarara…ra? Vermiss ich irgendwie…das hört sich ja schrecklich an: 0,5/5

Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (von Khitos)
Ich liebe diese Frau. Ich möchte sie heiraten, mit ihr Kinder bekommen und mit ihr alt werden. Love the way she sings. Sucht auch nach dem richtigen Musikvideo von dem Lied, sie ist so süüß, haach.: 5/5

Marteria feat. Yasha – Verstrahlt (von WeGi)
,,Neben ihr wird die Sonne schwarz“ haha. Rockt irgendwie, aber hätt n wenig besser sein können: 3,5/5

Morris Day And The Time – Jungle Love (von Sir Donnerbold)
Hm, spricht mich nicht soo an: 1,5/5

My Robot Friend – Robot High School (von beam)
Witzig: 3/5

O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer (von Robert)
Etwas zu chillig: 2/5

Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs – Von Haus aus allein (von Postpunk)
Auf jeden Fall interessant 😀 : 3/5

Perfume Genius – Mr Petersen (von JuliaL49)
Hm.: 2,5/5

The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (von DerGraf)
Hm.: 3/5

ø-Bewertung der Bonussongs: 2,9

ø-Bewertung insgesamt für diese Runde: 2,4