Retrospek: Juni 2013

Es ist immer ganz schwierig am Ende des Monats sich daran zu erinnern was denn so alles passiert ist. Dieses Mal eher weniger. Auch habe ich nicht allzu viele Filme sehen können, aber immerhin ein paar.


Externe Festplatte kaputt gemacht ;_;


Black Dynamite (USA, 2009, Scott Sanders) [7,5/10]

Stoker (UK/USA, 2013, Park Chan-wook) [8/10]

The Good Doctor (USA, 2011, Lance Daly) [5,5/10]

Die Vermessung der Welt (GER, 2012, Detlef Buck) [2,5]

Oh Boy (GER, 2012, Jan Ole Gerster) [6,5/10]

Red Lights (ESP/USA, 2012, Rodrigo Cortés) [5/10]

Apocalypto (USA, 2006, Mel Gibson) [7,5/10]




Game Of Thrones Ice and Fire (eigentlich schon im Mai, aber habs vergessen)


Stoker(Ich hatte irgendwie eine Schreibblockade, als ich versucht habe etwas über den Film auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Dann habe ich es halt auf Englisch versucht. Wenigstens etwas ist dabei herausgekommen.)

Wentworth Miller is not the first name that pops in mind to connect it to the dark world of Park Chan-Wooks movie vita. Nonetheless it is Park who has to project the ideas of the Prison Break star to the screen. The well-known director of vengeance and brutality is now handling Millers idea of a „nice“ family reunion with a rather unsettling uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) after a mysterious death of the father, who leaves daughter India (Mia Wasikowska) and mother Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) behind.

One will immediately see that some visual mastermind is behind Stoker. The visualization is the key of getting into the movie, beginning with calm pictures and evolving to very, very gruesome shots. They makers clearly had fun with camera angles, experimental stop-and-go techniques and blurred shots which intensify the events in Stoker. Cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon is skilled enough to deliver these shots and lets us sometimes think there is Emmanuel Lubezki (Tree of Life) behind the camera.

Other than the visuals, there is the great performances of the three-man main cast, where each individually performs evenly great, although Matthew Goode is really a creepy uncle to be confronted with. The story on the other hand is about sexuality, attraction between the characters, and the coming of age, to explore oneself in the deepest psychological holes, where it’s not always certain what lies there. Stoker is not a psychological master thesis, it however displays the human nature in a very intriguing way.

__________[ 8/10 ]__________