Best Nine of 2016 – Instagram – Mobile

Somehow a lot of people post their best photos of the year on social media. I did not know that those services exist, but I like those things as well. Plus, statistics about my social media „success“ is interesting, maybe sobering, but nonetheless engaging.

Do you have the best nine figured out?

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Finding my own style

If there is one thing to say about me, then there is this thing: I don’t know myself enough to stick to a thing I like. For instance, the language. I like writing in english, but keep changing the language on my blog from german to english and around. I always think to much, what you have to do, what you should do. I rarely think about what I want to do. That is a key problem on my way to finding my style.

Starting off with the language. I started my blog with filmreviews, kept it in german because I wanted to appeal to a lot of viewers in Germany and because it is my native language. I know it, I like it. But even if I am not as good in writing in english, I never been longer than a week in an english speaking country, I just like writing in english. It’s a more free experience. That is why I changed the film reviews even to english ones. With changing to the photography focus on my  blog I thought again about the consequences of having one language to write in. I wrote in german again.

I flipflop. A lot. I just don’t know what to do. I want to have my own style and just don’t do what I want, regardless if others do the same or not. Even if there are a lot of photographers or bloggers aroung who write in english or german, there are always the ones who are successful with it or not. And in the end, it is not the language which succeeds, it’s the person and the product you can produce (am I right?).

Focusing on this aspect of my path to getting more myself I think I have to keep it up and do this for a lot of other areas in my life. For a moment I just have to shut up the rest of the world and just listen to myself for once.

Work and how I kind of learned to ignore it

You probably know the feeling to have a passion you want to pursuit, but you still need food to eat? For me it’s taking photos and while working at my current job I can’t do this of course. At my work I just look at photos of others, which motivates me, but at the same time it’s frustrating to be stuck at work and not being able to work on my own photos. I still have some things to publish, but I want to get it right and not publish it without any words written beside it. I got a huge to-do list and the other work is just absorbing my time. When I come home I am either too tired and just want to relax or I always think there is not so much time, so I spend more quality time with other people.

I tend to ignore the work and think almost everytime at work what I have to do to get further in my photography progress. My next big things will be another site, a real site, not a wordpress thingy. Additionally I want to get more photoshoots, asap please 😀

Getting back to the distracting work: There is always the dream of making your hobby your main income. That would be awesome of course. Nowadays I get some jobs with photography, but this could never be sufficiant to pay for everything I need. What’s the solution? Put all my time into it and try „to make it“? Or keep on working at my boring job, but not being able to pursuit other projects as much as I want to? I guess I need to do the second thing for a little bit longer.

I listen to a lot of Earl Nightingale, a radio speaker from the 50s, who did a lot of speeches about motivation, success and how to get it. In a lot of his speeches he describes success as the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. I am lazy and forget a lot of things, therefore I need to listen to this almost every day to get it in my head. But when I eventually get it for the day I get quite motivated and do my boring work just as good, but with more fun, realizing that I will put this money not only into food etc, rather getting the needs for the other path I want to pursuit. It is always good to have a goal and to keep this in mind every day, even if you are currently not doing something right now in order to achieve it. I guess it’s really a mind thing (as always) and it needs to be nourished with good goals.