Nicolás Muller

While visiting Marocco, I also was in Marrakech for a couple of days. There I went to the Maison de la photographie with it’s exhibition about photography in Marocco. I am not the one to tell you who is who in the photography world, far from it, but I I found one photographer there I wanted to remember: Nicolás Muller. Apparently there is also a snowboarder with this name, plus Muller is not that famous as far as I could saw, so it is not that easy to find too much about him.

Most of this hungarian photographers work is from Tangier, where I did not go unfortunately. Nevertheless the exhibition showed a wide variation of Marocco and it’s past. A lot looked like the present time, only more build up in structure and architecture. Muller deliverered mostly street photographs of Tangier, but with these you could appreciate the culture and the artistic form in which he shot the photos.

I really liked the focussing on some people in his works or mostly the group shots where you can easily find something new with another glance. Plus, he also had a great timing of shooting the photo.

Here is one of his photos. More can be found at this site.

Nicolas MullerTaken from this tumblr site.

Tumblr, Upcoming and Co


So, I finally got to the final posts of my change and can post new stuff, which I already did with my photos of Alina. The other things which will be coming soon are my photos of Thailand and another shooting with Ole. I already did an unplanned shooting with Ole on a lazy sunday afternoon. Now I wanted to plan it a little more and had some ideas how I wanted it. He plays the violine, which can be a great asset and I really wanted to establish a contrast with his suit/violine playing to the background. I still need to sort them out some more and then comes the editing. The „problem“ is that I will be gone again for two weeks in Marocco next week, so I won’t have the time to edit as much. On the plus side, as always, a lot more to post when I’ll come back 🙂

On another note: I tried tumblr again and will try to post other photos on there, often times maybe the same. Feel free to check it out, but it still has to be filled with content. To the tumblr.

Cheers, Khitos