Friendship shooting – Botanical Garden Cologne – Digital

Hello, helloo! I am glad to show some of the things I did a couple of weeks ago. This is a friendship photoshoot I did for friends of Riccarda (which I shot before –> Click). I should photograph them, some group shots and some portrait shots of Alina, the birthday girl. This was a challenge for me, having only experience in shooting one person at a time – now there were five! It should have been six, but one was unfortunately sick that day. The blessing in disguise was that with a formation of five there could be some symmetrical group shots with the birthday girl in the middle.

First of all, it was easier than expected. I was afraid that I could not handle so many people, but after just some time of talking and getting into the flow it got smoother – socializing and photography-wise. I made some mistakes at the beginning and in my opinion it did get better with time as we got to a little better locations at the botanical garden in cologne.

Second of all, I still had trouble with the light. With all these trees it was guaranteed that not every person will be lighted the same way and so I struggled with having all in a good light. In these occasion I still need some assistance with a reflector or just move to another place.

With this post I just want to show the group shots I did and I really hope that you also like it as well. The girls did like it (as far as I could see :D) and that made me happy to see!

So, with a big thanks again to the girls, Luise, Janina, Judith, Miriam and Alina, who made this shooting really easy-going, here are the photos:











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