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Dave, the gullible, stupid me and the notion of helping

Last week I was in Berlin with a friend. We just wanted to spend some time there, explore the city, visit museums and enjoy the capitol and its’ life. This is just about the first few minutes at the central train station where we encountered Dave. He was a twenty-something dude with a little ruffed up look. He talked to us, speaking in english, looking for help. The first thing I thought was that he just wants to bum a cigarette off of us. Then it got clearer: He wanted money. He said he was from England, was in Stuttgart for some company, his belongings were lost on the flight. He wanted money to get back to Stuttgart where he could apparently get a way back to England. I don’t know exactly what and why or even if this sounded like the truth. In hindsight it was a rather not so believable story, but…after a certain amount of time of hesitation I kind of had the feeling that it was time to help. I thought about the people who are really in trouble and who legitimately are desperate and would benefit from a kind stranger. Maybe I wanted to be this kind stranger. He also wanted to transfer me the money back via some bank. Short result of it all: I helped by giving him money. It was more than the spare change most people give homeless people in the streets, but it was not so much that I would be financially in trouble in Berlin. Anyhow, it was actually too much to even consider from a student like me. That’s why it was a rather stupid thing to do. There was not enough evidence that he actually was telling the truth and I did not ask as many questions as I should have. Beside the main point of being the kind stranger I just wanted to get this over with, although I had an weird, strange feeling about all of this. My friend told me after this that he would not have done this and I am reconsidering the notion of helping strangers even more. I am not one for giving every homeless person my spare change, because than I would have the feeling of having to give every single one of them something. I did this a few times, sometimes just food, which is most times even better, I think. But now…I guess I question the people who do this con and get away with it. Plus I question myself for being so utterly gullible.

In general it is always nice to help others, when oneself is in the position of doing so. It can benefit the stranger, even it is for one meal or some drink. I don’t want to get into the view that every person on the street is getting beer and hard alcohol (what they often do I guess) from the money people give them. It is rather about the people who deliberately try to con people into giving them money that they don’t even need. These are people who do not look as shabby as most others but try to get away with stories about getting home by mostly getting a train ticket for which they need some money. They use this scenario to create a desperate light on them, so the one giving the money pities him. I encountered some other of these people who asked every single person in a train once and just didn’t come up as believable as they would like to have. These are the people who I really do not like. They are probably not so well off as many others, but try to con people anyway. With me Dave had a person who did fell for it, although hesitant. The moral would be: Be skeptical towards people on the streets who ask for something. It is really difficult to find out if the person is telling the truth. I am very sorry for those who really need help, though…all in all I just wanted to highlight my gullible self, I guess. In the future I won’t be so kind anymore unfortunately, unless of course there is more insurance involved. The last thing I want to get off my chest: Eff you Dave ;P

Mein Bittespitte Rap

Es ist nicht unüblich, dass ich ab und an die Gesellen Kollegah oder Al Gear in meinem Zimmerlein höre. Mir gefällt der beat, die harte Ausdrucksweise und einfach das übertriebene Auftreten dieser Prollos. Ich unterstütze aber auf keinen Fall die Texte die in frauenverachtender Richtung tendieren. Für mich kommt es bei dieser Musik wirklich eher auf den Klang an und da höre ich tatsächlich schon einiges von (also generell alles was sich für mich gut anhört).

Mir hat auch ein Freund mal das Bittespitte Lied von Farid Bang gezeigt. Zu finden mit diesem Klick. Es ist einfach übelst übertrieben und natürlich so ausgerichtet, dass es vom Reim her passt. Wie ich das verstanden habe ist ein bittespitte rap einer, bei dem das letzte Wort der ersten Zeile nochmal in der zweiten wiederholt wird, jedoch nur vom Laut her, sodass es eine andere Bedeutung erlangen kann. In meiner Examenslernzeit habe ich mich aus Langeweile auch mal an einen solchen Text gewagt und das ist dabei herausgekommen:

Ich bin Student der Rechtswissenschaften

und lerne was die Juristen mit ihrem Rechtswissen schafften

lerne von 8 bis 8 im Seminar

nicht in der UB, die ist nur semi-nah

Dort finde ich Bücher in jeden Rechtsgebieten

mit dem Wissen welches jeden nach dem Recht gebieten

Zur Pause am Mittag in die schöne rote Mensa

Mit der Frage ob man die neueste Two And A Half Men sah

Danach noch einen Kaffee und n Spaziergang

Nicht so schnell, nicht so hastig, halt im Spazier Gang

Am liebsten bei Sonnenschein zum Aachener Weiher

bis man die drei Stunden Pause bemerkt, au weia!

Schnell zurück in die Uni und ans Sachenrecht

Damit hat man mit allen Sachen Recht

Viel wichtiger noch ist das Schuldrecht AT

und das abendliche Kulturprogramm auf Arte

Dann ist der Tag auch wieder rum, lass die Bücher los

Leider ohne Ziehung der 4000€ Scheine

aber das alles ist ja auch nur zum Schein, ne?

Also merke, dass du noch ein Leben neben Jura hast

bevor du weiter machst und dein Leben hasst.

Deep stuff, deep stuff. Also, wer will mir einen Plattenvertrag geben?

Testing the app

Museumsnachtdanger and Universityarchitecture




I know, I know, my tendancy to disappear for a few months is astonishingly normal if you follow my blog for a longer time period. Anyway, I do not want to waste much time to yet again focus on my lack of consistent writing. I rather want to write a little about Interstellar, the new highly anticipated film from Christopher Nolan. Did I like it? Yes. Was it as good as I hoped it would be? Sadly not.

Interstellar is starting off as a documentary, hence its’ talking heads, who talk about the world before all the nature disasters which lead to the world humanity has to live in now: A world filled with dust, scarce food. There is no need to explore the space, so the history books were changed to “facts” about not ever being on the moon. What is important is to harvest food to sustain the human race for a certain amount of years until it’s inevitable doom. That is a rather pessimistic view on the future, so luckily there are dreamers who want to go to space and search for another planet which the humans can inhibit and flourish again.

There is a lot of explaining in the first part of Interstellar. I agree with a lot of other critics saying that it could be done without so much talking. You can see how the world is now without having somebody explain it to the audience piece by piece. Nonetheless, it serves as an exposition to the two highlighted figures in this story: Cooper and his daughter Murph. First of all it has to be acknoledged how beautiful the cinematography is. I mean, all of Nolans films are nice to look at. Interestellar is no exception when it comes to a dystopian, ground-coloured view of the earth and later on futuristic frames of space and other planets. And here is also the gist: The ambition of Nolan and his brother, who came up with this story of finding a new home for the entire human race. The goal is not only to find a planet in our galaxy, but to go through a wormhole and look for a planet in another galaxy. Talk about high goals! This is so exciting if you think about it and yet…it does not work for me in Interstellar. The first half quickly turns into a space odyssey with no redeeming elements. It was not as enganging as I hoped it would be. I mean the stakes are high as ever, but somehow it just got a little dull. Maybe I needed more of the family dynamic to engange into the whole point of it in the first half (I know, it’s for humanity and not just one family but still).

As you can imagine the second half was better. There are the scenes who want you to get teary eyed and they succeed to do so. This are scenes on other planets, videos from the people on earth, the astonishing facts of the relativity of time within different gravitational areas. I really liked the soundtrack of it all, which was not so dominating Hans Zimmer music you are used to. Then there is a little “whaaat is happeningggg”-moment, which could be the moment you hate or love the movie even more. I liked it, it got to me. The connection between father and daughter is one I also appreciated in films like Trust, which was one of my favourites in the last years. It really comes down to the phrase “love is all you need” which can be not too persuasive in realms of time and space traveling. This is kind of a new territory Nolan gets into and to which I have to get used to, I guess.

I applaude Nolan for attempting to tell such grand stories. Interstellar is unfortunately not as well executed in terms of enganging story line as Inception was for an action movie. As always you have to see it for yourselfs. Just approximately three hours, it’s worth it!

“Just be cool, lady, daamn” – How I Met Your Mother Finale

There it is, the final episodes of this highly gotten overrated, yet ever so ongoing series called How I Met Your Mother. Just one season less than Friends, which whom it was compared to a lot of times. The comparison can’t be based on satisfying points, I guess, but it is clear that HIMYM could not have been if Friends would not have existed. The only question is: Is it just as sad to see those characters end their TV presence? The definite answer: No.

I won’t go into Friends and how much better I think it is (it is!), but rather focus on how HIMYM was a show that despite it’s flaws kept me watching. Truth to be told, there are always moments in some series which initiate a kind of “what the hell”-feeling. I just don’t care as much for the characters, because they behave just for the purpose of comedy (or drama (I’m looking at you The Walking Dead)) and don’t want the characters to grow. Yeah, at some point the characters in Friends weren’t evolving as well, but there is the factor of sympathatic characters, lovability and how these rough passages are written and overcome. HIMYM has numbers of meh seasons and the only reasons I still watched were Lily and Marshall and at some point even Barney (yes, the moments where real love is involved).  It just exceeded it’s expiration date.

It just comes down to the handling of the premise. It started as a story of how Ted met his wife. But soon you guessed that it was just stories about other girls and a lot of Robin and at the end some small portion of time with the real mother. False advertisment. Or is it? There was a Pajiba article which depicted some of the shows core, in which is apparent that the stories are the things that matter. This is the reason why I think the finale works somehow. The mother is dead and the most stories are about Robin. It suggests, just as the kids are saying, that through the stories you show what really matter. And for Ted it’s Robin. In any case for the “moment” he tells these stories.

The problem I have is that the mother is pushed into death just in the last episodes; that Robin and Barneys carefully created relationship, which kept me watching, is easily crushed in the last episodes, just to see Robin and Ted end up together. However you see it, it is just too constructed. Marshall wins his bet with Lily after all and it seems that it’s apparent that Robin is always the one for Ted. But it’s tinted with such a bad undertone to establish such relationships and end it all just to keep the result the show wanted to have.

I don’t know, maybe I am just too harsh. And at the end I am not really sad to see these characters go. The final episodes were ok, but could not create a satisfying ending to a once funny show. The funniest bit was when Ted told the older woman on the bench “Just be cool, lady, daamn”. I used to hate Ted, with time I got to like him and at the end I almost cared for him. That’s something, right?


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